Core Values


Students will be taught that the Bible is the ultimate and final authority in all decisions. Biblical principles will be integrated into every subject for the purpose of training students to develop a biblical worldview. Students will learn how to use this worldview as a lens through which to interpret events, set goals, and gain wisdom.


Students will be taught to pursue excellence in every aspect of their lives. Realizing that every work is to be an act of love and service to the Lord, mediocrity in attitude, work, or effort will not be accepted. This spirit of excellence will be seen in the students’ relationships, use of resources, and acts of service, thereby developing a lifelong pattern of excellence.


Students will be taught the importance of serving others. Just as God values all life, regardless of ethnicity, abilities, or age, so the students will learn to value all humanity as a gift from our loving heavenly Father. This attitude will be developed through learning effective and loving communication and by actively serving others.


Students will be taught that people are created for the purpose of bringing glory and honor to God, that salvation through the blood of our risen Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to obtain eternal life, and that the message of salvation must be brought to a lost and dying world. Students will learn by example how to effectively communicate that message and to defend their faith in the world in which they live.


Students will be taught by example how to live a consistent Christian life, both on campus and off, showing integrity in all areas of their lives.