SCS New Campus Vision

God has given SCS a vision for the future.

A future that has all of our programs on one campus.

  • In 2006 God gave the vision for SCS to a group of parents at Southside Church.
  • In the years from 2006 to 2018 God provided opportunity for the school to develop programs, to become an accredited school (ACSI/AdvancED) and to partner with over 200 families.
  • In 2018 SCS became incorporated as an independent Christian school.
  • In 2018 God provided the opportunity to purchase a 30 acre parcel of land.

The future is in the hands of God, the following dates are meant to be a potential timeline as the Lord provides His resources for our school.

  • In 2020-21 — the ground will be cleared and the site work completed
  • In 2021 — the athletic fields will be completed and SCS will begin having soccer, baseball, and softball games on the new campus site.
  • In 2022 — the 54,600 sq. ft. education building or the gymnasium will be constructed (we hope that both buildings can be constructed at the same time). 
  • If the Lord’s provision allows the buildings to be done in two phases, then we will construct either the gym or the education building first depending on available funds. 
  • Education building is about $7M and gym is about $3M.

Yesterday God was faithful

Today God is faithful

Tomorrow God will be faithful


Thank you for your prayerful consideration to give to the SCS New Campus.