Our family moved to North Carolina and were lined up to go to a Christian school a little closer to my husband’s work place. We found out about SCS and dropped by to check it out. It had a smaller campus but the heart of SCS stood out. We cancelled our other plan and have felt we made the best choice daily. SCS has set a course to please and follow the Lord and His blessing is felt daily. We are thankful for all of the families, teachers and staff that make SCS one of the best Christian schools in North Carolina.

The Meyer Family

We have been blessed by SCS in many ways over the years, but this year it is especially sweet since after having to leave the school a year ago, we were able to return this year, kind of last minute, too, so it was a huge blessing to be back. We are so much more appreciative of the education our child receives here now, the love and time the teachers and administrators pour into their students and just being in a Godly environment with limited distractions. 

Some of that may have been taken for granted more than it should have been previously, and we were just so grateful to be able to come back this year, especially under the current circumstances, and that our child is able to attend school 5 days a week with in person instruction and that the staff and administration understand the importance of doing so, not only for educational reasons, but socially and emotionally as well. 

I am truly thankful for Southside putting our children first, and giving families the freedom to choose the type of education they receive this year, whether virtual or in-person. For us, in-person has been a huge blessing and we are so thankful for it and for Southside as a whole.

The Stewart Family

Discipleship at work

Through  partnering with Christian families who are engaged in their local churches,  SCS provides students an opportunity to deepen their relationship with the Lord.  We pray that students will be encouraged to walk a life of obedience as they:

  • Interact with teachers who are passionate in their faith.
  • Engage with coaches who love the Lord and mentor students in succeeding both on and off the field of athletics.
  • Apply the principles of the  Word of God to their daily lives out of love for their Savior.  

We pray that SCS will effectively pass the baton of faith on to the next generation.  That is what SCS is all about!